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AWS is pleased to announce the addition of Douglas W. Charlton as a Principal Consultant. Dr. Charlton holds a PhD in Geological Science from the University of California, and is a Professional Geologist in California and six other states. Dr. Charlton has more than thirty years of experience in environmental consulting, having led environmental practices at DuPont, Deloitte Touche, the Shaw Group, and several national engineering consultancies. His expertise is diverse, emphasizing resource management consulting, environmental geohydrology and engineering, and related financial advisory services.

By adding Dr. Charlton, AWS increases the service capability of the company’s Water Resource Practice and Real Estate Practice, particularly in the areas of:

Water supply/demand management Water resource management - agriculture
Water use monitoring and reporting Pollution investigation and remediation
Environmental risk management Technical and economic feasibility
Water supply assessments (WSA) Land use and redevelopment
Real estate transaction support Environmental due diligence
Claims and litigation support Bioremediation systems
Environmental cost-to-cure Regulatory compliance
Environmental forensics Mining and minerals
Water transfer support Waste management

Dr. Charlton’s work in these areas emphasizes the financial cost and benefit of taking actions that create value or reduce liability of client decision makers. His consultations include economic and risk analysis that are valuable in transactions, claims, disputes, negotiations, asset valuation, and decisions that commit capital.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Charlton!